I strongly recommend receiving treatment at Southview Physical Therapy. The whole staff is friendly and professional. I prefer the 'hands-on' method of therapy and the private treament rooms that they are known for. You would be well advised to schedule an appointment.

James D.

I have had a tremendously positive experience at Southview Physical Therapy. Every staff member is professional and welcoming. They greet you and make you feel welcome. The staff is always on time and is very organized so that you know exactly what to expect at every visit. I benefited tremendously from my therapist's knowledge and expertise. Her teaching style was very inspirational and motivating and my physical therapy program was safe and customized to my own unique rehabilitation needs, capabilites and goals.

Nancy G.

Early intervention following my auto accident was a critical component to my full recovery. I contacted a therapist at Southview Physical Therapy and was encouraged to start care quickly. It made all the difference in the world. The care there was terrific.

Liz B.

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